Yaffa  Dagan Law Firm specializes in providing legal consultation and services in the fields of Civil-Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Real-Estate.

Our firm was established and is managed by Yaffa Dagan, (Previously Elishakov) licensed attorney and a member of the Israel Bar Association with 10 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property. Adv. Dagan holds a LL.B from Tel-Aviv University, and is a graduate of the continuing education program of the Israel Bar Association Institute in the fields of Mediation, Real-Estate Transactions and Attorneys' Professional Liability.

Adv. Dagan conducted her internship at the law firm of Eitan, Pearl, Latzer and Cohen-Zedek, specializing in the fields of Intellectual Property and litigation of Intellectual Property locally and abroad. Prior to establishing Yaffa  Dagan Law Firm, Adv. Dagan has also worked in Israel's leading law firms, Eitan, Mehulal, Pappo, Kugler (Eitan-Mehulal Law Group) and S. Horowitz & Co, where she obtained her vast legal experience.

Adv. Dagan has gained valuable experience while associated with the commercial IP departments of these law firms and has engaged in various IP fields: trade marks, industrial designs, copyrights, domain names, etc. locally and abroad, and litigation of IP. Her work comprised, inter alia, representation of numerous clients, including major international corporations in various fields and leading law firms worldwide, as well as leading Israeli companies, including in the fields of pharmaceutical, banking, telecommunications, and Israel's largest coffee shop chain. In addition, her work comprised ongoing and direct communications with the Ministry of Justice and the Israel Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Office and continuous interaction with IP firms, IP offices and numerous clients around the world.

As a boutique firm, we are committed to providing professional and reliable legal services in all fields of our expertise, providing a personal and dedicated service to each and every client and to maintain values of integrity, credibility, professionalism and thoroughness.

Areas of Practice

Yaffa  Dagan – Law Firm provides legal services for its clients in the following areas:

Intellectual Property

Trade marks, commercial torts, reputation, copyrights, industrial designs, domain names, internet and computer laws, patents and commercial secrets.

Our firm has vast experience in providing various services in the field of Intellectual Property and related fields. Our firm provides overall legal service and consultation to businesses, which is comprised of an initial consultation and builds a thorough strategy for obtaining the most effective protection for the client's IP needs. In addition, our firm provides consultation and management services for our clients' IP rights, and for creators, initiators and business owners from diversified fields.

Amongst other things, our firm provides legal services with respect to the protection of our clients' rights in all matters concerning the name, reputation and products of the business, enforcing these rights and commercializing them.

Our firm provides services for registering our clients' various IP rights in the relevant official registries for trade marks, industrial designs, patents, domain names and copyrights (in Israel no registration is required for copyrights) in Israel and around the world, and conducting the preliminary availability searches prior to filing for registration.

In this respect, our firm provides initial strategic consultation during the early stages of choosing the commercial name and the trade marks of a business, in order to obtain broad legal protection as possible thereof. Our firm conducts preliminary searches with respect to the chosen names and marks, in order to verify the availability of the names. In addition, our firm provides services for the registration of IP locally and abroad, inter alia, through a network of IP associates around the world, and by filing International Registration through WIPO (Israel is a member of the Madrid Protocol since September 2010).

Our firm has vast experience in protecting and registering IP rights and conducting opposition and cancellation proceeding through IP offices locally and in many jurisdictions around the world, including the United States, European Community, Cyprus, Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

In addition, our firm provides consultation with respect to the commercialization of IP rights of a business and preparing the relevant contracts, inter alia, franchise agreements, license agreements, distribution agreements, assignment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc., we also provide legal consultation and services for enforcing the IP rights of a business, protecting the products and services of the business and preventing commercial imitations, counterfeits and consumer misleading, inter alia, through conducting legal proceedings (litigation) at the Israel Trademarks, Designs and Patents Office, the Israel Courts and the Customs Authority.

Real Estate

Purchasing, selling and leasing of real estate property.

Our firm provides consulting services and legal support in transactions regarding rental, purchasing and selling of real estate property. In this respect, our firm provides, inter alia, consulting services, support and preparation of contracts for rental, sale or purchase of residential apartments.

In any real estate transaction, and in particular a purchase or sale of property, which is usually one of the most costly and important transactions in an individual's life, it is very important to consult with an attorney specializing in the field prior to carrying out the transaction and the signing of any document, including a letter of agreement, which could establish legal liability of a contract for all intents and purposes.

It is important to consult with an attorney and review all aspects of taxation, legal matters, engineering and planning involved in the transaction, as they may have critical implications for the viability of the transaction and its actual execution. It is very important for consumers that purchase apartments directly from a contractor to consult with an attorney on their behalf. The attorney will examine, among other things, the identity of the contractor, his experience and his conduct with purchasers in previous projects and will carry out inspections in connection with the acquired asset, as the contractor's attorney, who handles the transaction on behalf of the contractor, does not represent the entire interests of the purchasers.

In addition, it is recommended to consult with other professionals such as an appraiser, an engineer and an architect, who are familiar with the technical specifications and design plans of the property involved in the transaction.


Consensual dispute settlement.

Our firm provides mediation services in the civil – commercial areas, including in the areas of Intellectual Property law, inter alia, Trademarks, Commercial Torts, Reputation, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, Domain Names, Patents and Trade Secrets. We are convinced that many disputes can be solved in peaceful ways.

We believe that reaching an agreed resolution of disputes through a mediation process outside the court is a more effective way in the terms of both reducing the time required for the process and in terms of associated costs, compared with conducting court procedures. In addition, in cases where the parties are involved in a personal or a business relationship the mediation process allows the parties to maintain and to improve their relationship.

The existence of the mediation process is conditioned upon the consent of all parties concerned with the dispute, and each party may give notice of termination of the mediation process at any time. In such case, it is possible to conduct further proceedings through the court.

In the mediation process, which may be conducted between the parties after commencing legal proceedings in court or beforehand, the purpose of the mediator, as a neutral professional, is to assist the parties to conduct a mutually agreed negotiation, by understanding the interests and opinions of the other party and to reach a fair and agreed settlement of the dispute between them. The mediator has no authority to decide in the dispute (as opposed to an arbitrator or a judge).

If the parties reach an agreed settlement in the mediation process, it can acquire the validity of a verdict administered by court.

The parties may agree on the identity of the mediator, or in the absence of consensus about the identity of the mediator, in cases handled at the court, the court will appoint a mediator from a list administered by the court administrator.

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